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Herbs for dream pillows

Make a pillow of these herbs for the following conditions:

Flowers of catnip, dill, goldenrod, hawthorn, hops or wild oregano

FOR MORE VIVID DREAMS Flowers and leaves of lavender, lemon balm, mint,
or mugwort

FOR PEACEFUL DREAMS Balsam, needles, chamomile flowers or the leaves of
mullein, potentilla (common cinque-foil), sage or sassafras

TO REMEMBER YOUR DREAMS Flowers of by, catnip, lavender, mugwort,
rosemary, or heliotrope(a flowering member of the borage family)

TO BANISH NIGHTMARES Leaves of anise, lemon balm, rosemary, or valerian

TO RELIEVE HEADACHES Leaves of bay, betony, marjoram, or mint, flowers
of bee balm or lavender, roses, or nutmeg cloves

TO DREAM OF LOVE Flowers of yarrow, roses, leaves of basil, coriander,
dill or myrtle

TO EASE HEARTACHE Any evergreen needles, especially balsam or pine,
lavender flowers, or lemon balm leaves


Psychic Dreams Pillow
3 oz. mugwort
2 oz. lavender
1 oz. mint leaves
1 oz. rose petals
Stuff into a close-weave-fabric pillow.
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