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December 2007

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leigheasoir in giftsfromgaia

Herbal substitutes for magic

Magickal Herb Substitute List

Acacia - Gum Arabic
Acacia Gum - Gum Arabic
Aconite - Tobacco
Arabic, Gum - Frankincense, Gum Mastic
Ammoniac Gum - Asafetida
Asafetida - Tobacco, Velerian
Balm of Gilead - Rose Buds, Gum Mastic
Belladonna - Tobacco
Benzoin - Gum Arabic, Gum Mastic
Camphor Oil - Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil
Carnation - Rose Petals
Cassia - Cinnamon
Castor Beans - Four Drops of Castor Oil
Cedar - Sandalwood
Cinquefoil - Clover, Trefoil
Citron - One part Orange and One part Lemon Peel
Clove - Mace, Nutmeg
Clover - Cinquefoil
Copal - Frankincense, Cedar
Cowbane - Tobacco
Cypress - Juniper, Pine Needles
Deers Tongue - Tonka bean, Woodruff, Vanilla
Dittany of Crete - Gum Mastic
Dragons Blood - 1 part Frankincense and 1 part Red Sandalwood
Eucalyptus Oil - Camphor Oil, Lavender Oil
Frankincense - Copal, Pine Resin
Galangal - Ginger Root
Grains of Paradise - Black Pepper
Gum Ammoniac - Asafetida
Gum Bedllium - Copal, Pine Resin, Dragon's Blood
Hellebore - Tobacco, Nettle
Hemlock - Tobacco
Hemp - Nutmeg, Damiana, Star Anise, Bay
Henbane - Tobacco
Hyssop - Lavender
Ivy - Cinquefoil
Jasmine - Rose
Juniper - Pine
Lavender - Rose
Lemon Grass - Lemon Peel
Lemon Verbena - Lemon Grass, Lemon Peel
Mace - Nutmeg
Mandrake - Tobacco
Mastic Gum - Gum Arabic, Frankincense
Mint - Sage
Mistletoe - Mint, Sage
Mugwort - Wormwood
Neroli Oil - Orange Oil
Nightshade - Tobacco
Nutmeg - Mace, Cinnamon
Oakmoss - Patchouli
Orange- Tangerine Peel
Orange Flower - Orange Peel
Patchouli - Oak Moss
Peppermint - Spearmint
Pepperwort - Rue, Grains of Paradise, Black Pepper
Pine - Juniper
Pine Resin - Frankincense, Copal
Red Sandalwood - Sandalwood and Dragons Blood
Rose - Yarrow
Rose Geranium - Rose
Rue - Rosemary, w/pinch of Black Pepper
Saffron - Orange Peel
Sandalwood - Cedar
Sarsaparilla - Sassafras
Sassafras - Sarsaparilla
Spearmint - Peppermint
Sulfur - Tobacco; Club Moss, Asafetida
Thyme - Rosemary
Tobacco - Bay
Tonka Bean - Dear Tongue, Woodruff, Vanilla Bean
Trefoil - Cinquefoil
Valerian - Asafetida
Vanilla - Woodruff, Deer Tongue, Tonka Bean
Vetivert - Calamus
Wolfsbane - Tobacco
Wood Aloe - Sandalwood w/Ambergris Oil
Woodruff - Deer Tongue, Vanilla
Wormwood - Mugwort
Yarrow - Rose
Yew - Tobacco


What about Chamomile? I have a Samhain mix that uses Chamomile and one of my participants is allergic. We burn the mix in the fire so last year she tried just wearing a glove but the fire blew it back at her and she broke out. I would like to substitute something this year to avoid this problem.